Design and Implementation of a Mobile Library Management System for Improving Service Delivery

Ndukwe Oke Eke, Ibrahim Anka Salihu


A mobile library management system provides a more efficient way of managing library processes and rendering effective library services irrespective of time and place. This research work aimed to develop a Mobile Library Management System for the Nile University of Nigeria Library to overcome the challenges that hinder the librarians from managing the library processes on the go. The android mobile library management system was developed using Android Studio, HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQLi database. Service Responsibility Table was used in eliciting and documenting the user’s requirements for the library management system. The proposed Android-based mobile library system was evaluated through a survey by the librarians. The evaluation has shown that the proposed system is capable of complementing the existing library management systems.


Library; Service Responsibility Table; Library Management System; Mobile Applications

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