Preparation of Junior Schoolchildren for Studying New Material at Mathematics Lessons according to M. V. Bogdanovich’s Views

Tatyana Bilichenko


The article presents an analysis of the views of Mikhail Vasilievich Bogdanovich (1925-2006), a well-known Ukrainian scientist-methodologist in the field of studying mathematics in elementary school, on the problem of preparing primary school pupils for studying new mathematical material. Modern approaches to organizing the educational process in elementary school require extensive use of cognitive tasks. Such tasks make pupils think, rather than perceive ready-made information. Mathematics lessons have ample opportunities for this.

The study aims to analyze the works by M. Bogdanovich on the use of cognitive tasks for ensuring the effective preparation of students for the study of the new material.

The practical significance lies in the fact that the article outlines the main ways to ensure the effective preparation of junior schoolchildren for learning new mathematical material.

The study allows us to conclude that at present there is an increasingly active search for updating the content of school education, in particular, the intensification of the search for new options for an elementary Mathematics course to increase its effectiveness, both in teaching and in the general development of primary school children.

As a consequence, it is imperative to be concerned about using techniques that increase pupils’ activity in the classroom. To develop a cognitive interest in mathematical knowledge, teachers use a variety of methods and techniques for teaching mathematics, both traditional and innovative.

We believe that along with an active search for methodological innovations, a detailed acquaintance with the extensive work of the scientist-methodologist M. Bogdanovich on this issue will become an effective help to the teacher.

Further research will be devoted to a detailed analysis of other components of the theoretical and methodological heritage of the scientist.


M. Bogdanovich; primary school; mathematics; new material; cognitive interest; motivation


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