The Strategy of Innovative Development of Economy of Ukraine till 2030

Olena Kolishchuk


The Strategy of the development of the innovative activity sphere for the period up to 2030 approved by the Government of Ukraine has been analyzed in the article. It was determined that the innovative activity sphere has several disadvantages. The following issues have not been considered: application of tax privileges for the activation of innovative activity of domestic enterprises; implementation of the list of specific innovative projects, which are fully or partially financed from the state budget; direct connection of the state with business and society; mechanism of interaction between universities and domestic enterprises; people responsible for the implementation of the Country Innovation Strategy at the state and local levels have not been assigned; the priority of public procurement of high-tech products from domestic manufacturers has not been established; mechanisms of annual monitoring and control of the stages of strategy implementation have not been defined.

The ways of overcoming these issues have been provided in the article. An algorithm of the implementation of the Innovative Development Strategy of Ukraine until 2030 has been developed and suggested, which will make the state policy in the sphere of innovation activity more systematic and advanced. The suggested algorithm of strategy implementation consists of five main stages: preparatory, computational, organizational, practical implementation and result from analysis. At each of these stages, the functions and responsibilities of each participant in the innovation process are defined: the state, research institutions, local governments, and business structures. The deadlines for the implementation of necessary transformations and practical mechanisms for their realization have been determined. The role of state bodies as the main organizational element of the Strategy development is highlighted.

The algorithm of the realization of the Strategy of Innovative Development of the Ukrainian Economy suggested by the author will ensure the consistent and gradual implementation of the structural elements of the national innovation system, its effective transformation, and further development, since each step of the Strategy is a logical stage of implementing a comprehensive program to ensure the development of innovative relations in the state’s economy.


strategy of innovative development of economy; innovation activity; innovation process; Ukraine

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