Defining Models of Chronotope in the Creation of Female Characters in Pavlo Zagrebelnyi’s Historical Novel “Roksolana”

Natalia Nesterenko


The article is devoted to the comparison of the chronotope models, characteristic of the female characters of the historical novel “Roksolana” by Pavlo Zagrebelnyi as ideostylistic means of creating systemic-structural, genre and ideological specificity of the author’s texts. Achieving the goal involves solving the following tasks: identifying and characterizing the specific dominant models of chronotope that structure the female characters in the novel.

The interpretation of the chronotope through the category of event made it possible for us to introduce the concept of “chronotope model”, which means a typical event that is depicted in the plane of one work several times in relation to different heroes or the same hero. To represent this event, the author may choose different topographic and chronic parameters, while maintaining the invariant nature of the event. The historical novel “Roksolana” clearly shows the tendency of the writer to use typical chronotopes to create the image of a person in history. We have singled out such central models of chronotopes as the chronotope of struggle, redemption, victory, defeat, escape, insight in the novel.

Among the dominant models of chronotope that structure the images of Valid Hafsa, Mahidevran, Roksolana-Hurrem, there are some prevailing common models: fights, victories, ascension, trials, changes (transition), defeat (fall), revenge, loss. All the female characters in Pavlo Zagrebelnyi’s historical novel, “Roksolana” are united by the chronotope of struggle for power over Suleiman. To achieve their goal, the female slaves of the harem go through the chronotopes of trial, change (transition), loss. The models of victory and ascension are accompanied by the chronotopes of defeat, loss, revenge. Thanks to the used models of chronotope, Pavlo Zagrebelnyi manages to create the prominent psychological images of people of the sixteenth century.


historical novel; chronotope organization; topographic and chronological parameters; isomorphic phenomenon; chronotope; chronotope models


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