Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence and Basic Income as Innovative Technological System

Lyubomyr Sopilnyk, Andriy Shevchuk, Vasyl Kopytko


The common signs of development and its financing of cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and basic income were determined. The main tendencies and problems of the development of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence from their appearance to the present time were considered. The combination of cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and basic income in a unified system of innovative tools for the creation of a new global financial and technological system was substantiated. These three technologies have the features of combining into one innovative system of interaction at different levels from hardware and software to the level of ultimate practical implementation and application in the future. The perception and consideration of these technologies as a single system makes it possible to significantly simplify the approach to their study, design and implementation.


cryptocurrency; artificial intelligence; basic income; innovative tools; global financial and technological system

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