The Perspective of the Scout Coachers on the Material Practical Guidebook for Enforcement Scouts Bantara in Man Aceh, Indonesia

Ruwaida Ruwaida, Syamsulrizal Syamsulrizal, Yeni Marlina, Sukardi Putra, Miskalena Miskalena


The Scout Movement is trusted and touted as the front guard for character education for the younger generation, wherein the 2013 Curriculum requires students to participate in scouting as a mandatory extracurricular activity at school. Implementing Scout extracurricular activities will train students to be responsible and practice the Dasa Darma values and Try Satya, which is used as a guide in implementing discipline and responsibility. This study examines the scoutmaster's perspective on the material in the Practical Guidebook for Enforcement of Scouts Bantara and how Scout Guidance is carried out. This type of research uses descriptive methods and qualitative approaches with evaluation research types. The population in this study were all scoutmasters of the State Aliyah Madrasa (MAN), namely, 6 Madrasas in Aceh Besar. The samples taken in this study were scoutmasters at MAN Aceh Besar, totalling 14 scoutmasters. Researchers used observation techniques and filled out questionnaires to informants. Based on the results, an average of 33% answered strongly agrees, 65% responded they agree, and 2% answered unsure, according to the statement questions in the questionnaire that the researcher distributed. This Guidebook helps scoutmasters to understand better scouting coaching activities. It regulates Scouting activities to be more focused and allows scoutmasters from the basics, such as planning Scout activities.


perspective; scouts; guidebooks; border enforcers

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