Implementation of Clinical Supervision by the School Principle in Increasing the Quality of Learning at SMP Negeri 18, Banda Aceh City, Indonesia

Rizki Maulidiansyah, Khairuddin Khairuddin, Ismail Ismail


Clinical supervision is part of academic supervision, which focuses on improving learning through a systematic cycle starting from planning, observation and intensive analysis. This study aimed to obtain an overview and information regarding the programs, principles and mechanisms of clinical supervision carried out by school principals. This study uses a descriptive method with a qualitative analysis approach. Data collection techniques were carried out through interviews, observation and documentation studies. The research subjects were school principals, deputy principals, deputy curriculum heads and teachers at SMP Negeri 18 Kota Banda Aceh. The results showed that the SMP Negeri 18 Kota Banda Aceh school principal had implemented a clinical supervision program. Before carrying out the clinical supervision program, the principal involving the vice principal, deputy curriculum head and senior teacher, compiled a program of clinical supervision activities, made a schedule of activities, held class visits, took inventory of supervision findings and compiled reports on the implementation of clinical supervision. The principal's principle of clinical supervision is constructive, helping teachers grow independently and not depending on supervisors. The clinical supervision mechanism carried out by the SMP Negeri 18 Kota Banda Aceh's principal is the initial, observation and final meeting (feedback).


clinical supervision; principal; quality of learning

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