CRM as a new functional form of intra-company coordination of production enterprises

Галина Александровна Резник, Лидия Сергеевна Парамонова


The article reveals the essence of CRM-system as a new methodology of running business, which is becoming more common in recent times and involves forming the mechanisms of interaction with clients, focusing on the priority of their needs, creating a platform to attract new customers, as well as the development of relations with existing customers.

The main elements of the CRM-system, as well as the mechanism of the process of promotion of enterprise products based on their use are considered. The key stages of the implementation of CRM-system are presented; conclusions about the prospects of the implementation of CRM-systems on industrial or commercial enterprises are made.


The essence of CRM system, function of the CRM system, elements, mechanism and tools for the CRM system.


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