Carl Koberskyi’s economic opinion and his influence on the development of finance-economics and co-operative education in western Ukraine in the second half of ХІХ – beginning of ХХ century

Mykhailo Holubka


The article analyses the public-elucidative activity of theorist, co-operator and economist Carl Koberskyi and his influence on the development of financial-economical and co-operative education. This figure occupies an important place in the history of education and economy, due to his zealous public position and research of history of co-operative schooling. As practice testifies, research of Carl Koberskyi’s activity is described mostly either from the point of view of history or pedagogics . Our aim is to characterize the activity of the scientist and his economic ideas from the point of view of economics and to define their value for finance-economics and co-operative education.

Carl Koberskyi’s active propagandist and organizational activity influenced the development of rural culture, distribution of co-operative motion, trade, banking and development of enterprise greatly.

Weighty stage of economic and public establishment of western Ukraine took place in the after-war time, when the necessity of proceeding in economies and studies of professional specialists appeared in rural districts. Intelligent workers of the region strived to involve the peasantry into economic self-organization. At that time teachers considered trade education as a factor of social development and independence. Co-operative schooling began to be formed in the conditions of hard prohibitions and oppressions. Various public organizations, associations and unions that assisted the formation of national consciousness of population were quite widespread.

Carl Koberskyi’s labour activity and his place in the co-operatively-economic sphere require further deep research, which will enable to improve the management of educational establishments and to develop finance-economics and co-operative education more effectively.

  Today, in the time of market relations development, Carl Koberskyi’s ideas of educationally-economic inheritance acquire special actuality, as they can be used with the aim of improvement of economic education directions, scientific and methodical work in establishments, connected with the sphere of economics. Carl Koberskyi as a well-known public figure managed to achieve much in the finance-economics sphere, in particular by writing articles about co-operation and promoting these ideas in  villages.


Economic idea; Carl Koberskyi; finance-economics and co-operative education; schooling; co-operation

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