Organisational Aspects of Financial Support for the Agro-Industry: The Experience of Developed Countries

Andrii Bilochenko, Inna Gushcha


The research aims to study the organizational aspects of financial support for the agro-industry of developed countries and to determine the possibilities of their implementation in Ukraine. The article analyzes the experience of state and credit financing of the agro-industry of developed countries (using the example of the United States of America, countries of the European Union, Canada and Japan); their positive features and possibilities of implementation of this experience for Ukraine are highlighted. Studying the experience of financial support of the agro-industry of developed countries, we can conclude that they have developed specific systems for servicing agricultural production. This is caused, first of all, by the peculiarities of this sphere of economy, namely the need to eliminate the phenomenon of economic crises that arise for various reasons: cyclical economic development or socio-economic instability. State support of the foreign agro-industry in multiple countries has positive consequences. However, it is impossible to apply a separate instrument of state support in Ukraine based on foreign experience for various reasons. Firstly, in the EU and other developed countries, the agricultural sector is characterized by the overproduction of farm products. On the other hand, in Ukraine, it is necessary to increase the production of domestic farm products. Secondly, before deciding to increase state support for the agro-industry, it is essential to take into account the level of the budget deficit, for which Ukraine is unlikely to be able to take specific measures compared to other countries. In addition, it is worth taking into account the significant losses of the agro-industrial complex as a result of military operations on the territory of Ukraine and the redistribution of the state budget to minimize these consequences. Without available budget funds, it is impossible to ensure the proper level of development of the agricultural sector of the Ukrainian economy.


agro-industry; financial security; state support; agro-industry lending


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