Influence of Ethnocentric Billboard Advertising Messages on Product Consumption in Nigeria: A study of Hero Lager

Ugochukwu Aloysius Madu, Chukwuebuka Stephen Nworie


This study takes an empirical dive into the enormous use of ethnic and cultural appeal as an emerging advertising trend in Nigeria, using Ebonyi state and the Hero Lager as case studies. A survey research method was adopted, and a structured questionnaire was used to gather responses from 383 respondents. The purposive sampling method was used to select the respondents who filled out the questionnaire. The study's findings reveal that most Hero Lager consumers are significantly aware of the use of ethnocentrism by the brand in their billboard advertising and agree they patronise the Hero beer brand based on ethnocentricity. This study establishes that ethnocentric billboard advertising messages significantly influence product consumption in Nigeria, especially on the Hero Lager beer brand. As a result of the findings, the researchers recommend that manufacturers should adopt the ethnocentric advertising approach to increase product sales and that since the brand's use of ethnocentric advertising messages has recorded huge success in Ebonyi state – an Igbo-speaking part of Nigeria, they should extend the application of this advertising strategy to other ethnic regions as a way of enhancing brand awareness and ensuring optimal dominance in the Nigerian market.


influence; billboard advertising; ethnocentric advertising; beer consumption

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