Factors Determining Housing Quality in Selected Neighbourhoods of the Bauchi Metropolis, Nigeria

Maryam Salihu Muhammad, Hadiza Tijjani Bello, Mohammed Mohammed Ishaq, Muhammad Umar Bello, Dahiru Adamu


Housing is one of the essential needs of man’s survival which protects him against the weather and other harsh conditions. For housing to fulfil this basic need, it has to be qualitatively and quantitatively adequate. The factors which determine housing quality in selected residential neighbourhoods of the Bauchi metropolis were examined in this paper. Data for the study was collected from 300 households in the study area and was analysed using descriptive statistics and a non-parametric test (Independent-Samples Kruskal-Wallis Test). Housing quality in the study area is determined by the building design, roofing materials, wall materials, condition of buildings, age, internal and external facilities, etc. The quality of houses in the study area was significantly different across the neighbourhoods. However, there is no statistically significant difference across the three communities regarding the roofing materials used. This paper concludes that the government and related agencies should provide the essential services needed to improve the lives of households residing within the study area.


factors; housing quality; neighbourhood; Bauchi

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