Effect of Physical Characteristics on Resident’s Satisfaction in a High-Density Area of Ilorin Metropolis

Oluwole Titilayo Alabi, Sakariyau Jamiu Kayode, AbdulKadir Misbahu, Oluwadare Joel Olaifa


This study looked at the impact of a resident’s physical attributes on housing satisfaction in Ilorin to figure out how to uncover the significant relationship in Ilorin. The research took a quantitative method. A questionnaire was designed and distributed to 126 household heads, with 94 responses. Households were polled using systematic random sampling to collect information on socio-economic variables and housing satisfaction. To analyze the effect of variables, the data were subjected to descriptive statistics and linear regression using SPSS. The study found that physical factors have a substantial impact on home satisfaction in the studied area. The study discovered that toilet facilities, rendered and painted walls, tiles, a well-equipped kitchen, no finishing wall, electricity and generator as an alternative means of lighting a kitchen without modern facilities, concrete, and a pit toilet are all factors that influence residents’ satisfaction. It was also discovered that the most excellent mean score was for bathroom facilities, rendered and painted walls, and tiles. It was suggested that the government make the missing social amenities available and rehabilitate the deteriorating ones as urgent. To improve resident satisfaction in the study region, proper routine management of social amenities should be done.


physical characteristics; housing; housing satisfaction; Ilorin; Nigeria

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